Basil Harvest & Round 1 of Fall Sowing

Good news is the temperature has eased up some this week, followed with lots of rain. It seems like the rain and storms haven’t let up in about a month now, which has held up some plans. There’s scattered gaps of no rain though, which lets me hop in the garden to work a few hours at least.

I’m hoping this rain will help revive some soil I used for our new Greenstalk planter, that turned out to be a bit hydrophobic. I’ve added some Fox Farm “Grow Big” liquid fertilizer to it as well, using a spray bottle. We’ll see how that goes in time I guess.

I really need to start a compost pile, I’m tired of buying cruddy soils from stores or landscaping businesses. Plus, it’ll save us money and be healthier for our plant friends! Anyone else having issues with low quality soils the past couple years? Lots of plastic, glass, rubber, junk, metal pieces in them, or hydrophobic?

ANYWAY, onto the good stuff!

Basil & Kale Harvest

I’ve been neglecting our Dark Opal Basil, not harvesting from it in a hot minute. So I went out and cleaned it up, gathering a bowl’s worth of it! It’s been easy to grow, smells and tastes amazing. I usually make tiny bundles and hang them up to dry naturally, then storing them in little glass containers.

I also harvested some of our Dwarf Blue Curled Kale and Red Russian Kale. They’ve done the best out of the 4 varieties I planted during this miserable summer heat. The Casper and Scarlet Kale didn’t do so good during peak heat. I’ll save those two for this fall and winter though!

Peppers Are Recovering

Habanada Sweet, Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno, and Mild Jalapenos are doing good! One of the Pumpkin Spice has turned orange now. I’m patiently (not really – I’m internally screaming) waiting for the loads of Habanada Sweet peppers to turn orange so I can pick them.

There’s another variety (forgot to check which one, sorry) that’s forming fruit again. It was producing pretty good until that heat wave came through. Had to clean up and prune the plant some, in hopes it’ll make it.

The Buena Mutala Hot pepper plant is forming blooms again, which means it made it! I’m glad at least a good handful of pepper plants made it back from the brink of death. I pulled some others that was just too far gone though. You win some and lose some!


Right now we’re growing three different varieties in these 5 gallon grow bags. Alabama Red, Jing Orange, and Red Hill Country. They seemed a little stunted when I first transplanted them, but it was during the heat wave. They’re growing again and seem to be doing good now.

I have some Clemson Spineless and Louisiana Green Velvet Okra that I need to transplant soon as well.

Squash, Zukes & Cukes

The Prolific Yellow Straightneck Squash and Golden Zucchinis are doing so much better this round. I plan on putting tomato cages around them for vertical growing, and keeping them pruned this time.

The cucumbers are growing fast now that the heat wave has died down some! There’s one cucumber the size of my thumb already, I’m so excited! I honestly can’t remember what variety this is, due to losing several others a while back. The two are either Boston Pickling, White Wonders, or Straight 8 cukes.

Tomato Forest

I ain’t gonna lie – our tomatoes have gotten a little out of hand.. lol BUT they’re producing and that’s what matters! I will have to probably stake some that are growing over the other raised bed, but overall – they have fruit on them.

This is another section of the garden where I’m lost on the varieties. Pretty sure the cherries are Gobstopper and Bumblebee – the others are probably Black Krim, Green German, and/or Tigerella. We’ll see soon enough! I plan on being a bit more organized and on schedule next year, I promise ๐Ÿ˜‚

7 Tier Leaf Greenstalk Planter

We ended up buying two of these during Greenstalk’s birthday sale. 42 pockets each, with 7″ pockets. We plan to use these for leafy greens, root veggies, bush beans, and herbs this year.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize until after I sowed seeds and went to water, that the soil was hydrophobic (rejects water). I was so upset.. But I’m determined to bring the soil back to life. I used the Miracle Grow Moisture bags and tried a new brand called Pro-Mix Moisture (from Walmart).

I mixed both of them together in each tier, and proceeded to sow seeds. I noticed after the rain that the Miracle Grow soil was fine, it was the other brand that was hydrophobic. So between the rain and me spray soaking the pockets with the Fox Farm fertilizer, I’m hoping it’ll be alright.

Seeds Direct Sown

So far I’ve sown:

Radishes: French Breakfast, White Icicle, and Watermelon.

Bush Beans: Golden Wax, Royal Burgundy, and Provider.

Carrots: Petite Little Fingers.

Peas: Sugar Daddy, Cascadia, and Blue Shelling Snow.

I haven’t had any luck with growing proper radishes, but I also wasn’t sowing deep enough. Maybe this time we’ll enjoy some tasty bulbs instead of just the leafy greens.

๐ŸŒป Do you enjoy vertical gardening? What’s your favorite method? ๐ŸŒป

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