Summer Heat, Struggles & Fall Plans

Struggles In The Garden

Unfortunately, a few of weeks ago we fell very ill (we’re thinking it was covid). We were practically bed ridden for a week, and I still couldn’t get up and move around good until about 10 days or so. It was suppose to have rained off and on during the days we were sick, but I think it only did a couple of times. The temps were bordering 100F, with a heat index past 100F, and high humidity.

Long story short, it did damage to the garden. Peppers looked burnt and wilted, leafy greens were shriveled up, herbs had died, zucchini/squash didn’t make it either, and the tomatoes looked a tad wilted. After a good watering the tomatoes seemed to be back to their normal selves though.

The okra, basil, sage and rosemary seems to be okay. Cucumbers and pole beans were stunted. Bush beans shriveled up (again).

I had to rip a lot of other things out of the Greenstalk planters and raised rows. June and July has been ridiculously hot, which has made me not even want to garden during those months (just being honest). Even in May it was already in the 90’s, killing bean and cucumber seedlings (more than a few times). As well as eggplant, squash, lettuce and more baby plants.

Luckily Fall is around the corner, thank goodness. Unless it’s like last year and it’s warm all the way up to New Years..

Making A Comeback

Good news is it looks like some of the pepper plants have new growth and a handful is producing peppers again! I really thought they were goners for sure. I pruned them yesterday after the rain, and got a lot of the dead leaves off. I’m hoping we can still get a somewhat decent little harvest from them.

The Habanada Sweet, Pumpkin Spice Jalapeno, and Mild Jalapenos are producing a bunch of peppers now. I’m still going to have to rip out some other varieties that just didn’t pull through though. Can’t complain too much, at least some of them survived.

Our tomatoes are forming lots of fruit, and one of our Black Krim‘s are starting to blush! Due to us being sick those two weeks, our tomatoes in the raised row has become a free-for-all. They’ve formed more roots due to laying long ways, so I plan on just letting them sprawl out naturally.

I noticed yesterday that our cucumber plants are blooming! These two and the three pole beans were stunted for so long I didn’t think they were ever going to grow any bigger. The temp the past week has been low 90’s with rain, so maybe that’s helped some.

Our sunflowers are also starting to bloom. Caterpillars have been munching on them unfortunately, but I think they’ll be alright – for now anyways lol.

Fall Planning

I’ve started counting down the days till our first frost, which means seed starting again! I missed the window for some of the winter squash varieties I was wanting to plant, but I did manage to start some pie pumpkins. I’ve also propagated a few tomato plants and already have them transplanted.

I’ve started Chamomile, Calendula, Echinacea, Sweet & Opal Basils, Dill, Okra, Zucchini, Summer Squash, Eggplant, Catnip, Mint, Lemon Balm, heat tolerant Lettuce, Parsley, Thyme, Oregano, Kale, and Cilantro.

I plan on direct sowing Bush Beans, Peas and Cucumbers once I get our new Greenstalk Leaf planters set-up. I’m going to attempt sowing some Little Finger Carrots and Radishes in them as well.

Next month will be another round of sowing different things, and then again in October. I just hope this heat subsides some in the meantime. For the Fall garden we plan on sowing carrots, peas, beets, turnips, leeks, bunching onions, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, spinach, kale, lettuce and maybe cabbage/brussel sprouts.

Exciting times! I’ll be glad when we officially get done filling beds and setting up the garden. This Fall I’d really like to fill the walkways with pea gravel or pine wood chips. Spruce it up a bit! We also need to fence in the garden space, due to deer and rabbits.

Greenstalk’s Birthday Sale

Last week or so is when Greenstalk’s birthday sale took place, which means they had their black planters in stock. We bought two of the 7 tier leaf planters in black, and a bottle of Foxfarm liquid fertilizer. Our order also came with a free hat, which will come in handy during these hot days.

We haven’t set them up yet, but plan to today or within the next week. We’re mainly using the leaf planters for bush beans (until our first frost hits), leafy greens, herbs and root veggies. I’m excited to have another set of vertical gardening planters! We have two of the 5 tier original planters from Greenstalk and love them.

🦋 How’s your gardening / homesteading going this season? 🦋


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