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2023 Garden Plans

A new year, which means another round of gardening! Spring will be here before we know it, so it’s the perfect time to start planning…

Growing Indoors During Winter

I don’t know about you, but I miss being in the garden. It was a much needed break when October hit, mainly because of how…

Granola Bars Recipe

I don’t know about you, but I like a good granola or protein bar as a snack. I scrolled through many recipes and this one…

what we’re about


We’re currently raising chickens, specifically for egg production. We do plan on expanding out with some ducks and possibly quail in the near future.

Baking simple no Knead bread


From baking and cooking from scratch, to water bath canning and fermenting – I’ll be sharing a variety of recipes we use. Which are all tried, tested and true – ones that stuck with us!


I crochet, wood burn, paint, sew, learning to knit, and overall love anything crafty & creative! At some point we plan on adding Angora bunnies to our homestead for fiber (to spin yarn) and compost.


We have dove into cultivating mushrooms for the first time – using North Spore’s sawdust spawn. Oysters and Wine Caps!


I’ll share our preservation methods and how we use the products afterwards. The main ones we’ll be focusing on is fermentation, water bath canning, and dehydrating.


We are currently using no-till, raised bed and vertical gardening methods. Growing all sorts of delicious varieties! We’ll also be diving into composting, companion planting, and more.


We’re trying to set up a system to where everything works together and sustains itself. Doing so will help cut costs and be more self sufficient.


We’re also on this homesteading journey to take our health back. To know what we’re putting in our bodies and reconnect with the land. Plus, nothing tastes better than homegrown goodness!

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