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We’re Rooting for Sunshine! We’re two aspiring homesteaders (zone 7), fur parents of 8, coffee lovers, and ready for a more sustainable way of life. Come join us on this journey to healthy, self-sufficient living!

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Baker Creek Seed Haul

The Best Mail To Get! First off, I apologize for not posting in over a week! We rely on our mobile hotspot for internet, and […]

Hello September!

Update After The Storms Well, it’s officially the first day of September, and surprisingly it feels nice outside (for now). Compared to the scorching, humid, […]

So Long, August.

Wrapping Up The Month In our last post, Long Awaited Beginnings, we talked about some things on our list that needed to be done. At […]

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  1. We ordered the Lounge Rouge Sang carrots for this year. The groundhogs got to them, but we were able to…

  2. My favorite tomatoes are Early Girl. I have purchased from Baker Creek, even been to the May festival in Mansfield,…