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Vegan Walnut Brownies | Recipe

The boxed mix you buy at the store compared to homemade, from scratch brownies – talk about oof. These turned out delicious! Not too cake-like or dry, and not too fudge-y. Just the perfect balance (in our opinion anyways). The recipe I found is vegan, but I’m sure you can substitute the flaxseed for actual … Continue reading Vegan Walnut Brownies | Recipe

Welcoming November

Enjoying Fall’s Masterpiece We feel as though we haven’t been able to truly enjoy fall the past couple of years. This year, however, has been quiet wonderful! The gold and crimson painted trees surround us everywhere we go, and the weather is cool. We’ve had a couple of days with rain, which always makes for … Continue reading Welcoming November

Baking simple no Knead bread

Simple No Knead Bread | Recipe

Shoutout to Becky At Acre Homestead I came across this while scrolling through my YouTube feed. A homesteader I follow had put out a new video, sharing this awesome time saving recipe! Plus, fall is officially upon us, which means it’s the perfect time to bake. Due to us working full time, it’s been hard … Continue reading Simple No Knead Bread | Recipe


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