Welcoming Our First Flock

Another Goal Accomplished

It may seem a little over dramatic to call it “A dream come true”, but I’ve been wanting chickens or ducks for YEARS. I was raised up around chickens ever since I was little, and absolutely loved them. Although, I do have memories of getting chased by a rooster or two.. And stepping on rotten eggs by accident while running through the tree lines.. 😅 Fun times!

I was so giddy when we were looking at chicks, and had everything set-up, ready to go at home. The fact that we were finally there, picking out chicks to take back with us, had me acting like a kid at a candy shop! When we finally got home, placed the chicks in their new home, reality officially set in. We finally did it, we have little raptors in the family now!

Our Beginning Set-Up

We used a big, heavy duty tote and lined it with pine shaving flakes, the brooder plate, and the feeder/waterer. We went with the brooder plate because we work full time and don’t feel comfortable with leaving a heat lamp unattended for extended periods of time.

Plus, we’ve just heard horror stories about fires from heat lamps. If it works for you by all means go for it! We’ve read good reviews on the brooder plate, and even employees at our local TSC say they personally use them too.

We’ll give a full review after the chicks are older and are able to be moved outside. So far it’s done great and the chicks seem to love it. They’re finally big enough to hop on top now and they seem so excited about it.

We’re waiting for the new brooder pin to arrive, so they’ll have more room to run around. They’re super active little buggers!

Leading Up To It

Chicks at Tractor Supply have been selling crazy fast! We did have our eyes on Cinnamon Queens, then the next day we were in there for pet food we seen they had replaced them with 3 different breeds. Then, the day we actually went in to pick out chicks to take home, they had replaced the breeds AGAIN.

They had ducks there as well, and I slightly lost my composure (they were absolutely adorable). We were wanting to start out with ducks, but due to having well water and already using it for us, the cats/dogs, and the garden – we really needed rain barrels before getting any.

The breeds available at our local TSC was constantly changing. So, when we finally went in to buy some we didn’t really know what to expect.

The Breed We Got

So, we decided to go with Prairie Bluebell Egger Pullets, all 11 of them. They had a few Barred Rocks, and the rest were straight run bantams. We figured we’d just roll with the eggers. They seemed the healthiest and most active amongst the others. Hopefully they’re all pullets like the sign said they are, but only time will tell of course.

We’ve had the chicks for a week now (June 14th is when we got them), and they’re growing so fast. I’ve been trying to handle them when I can, to try and make friendly birds. One fell asleep in my palm as I was petting the back of its head, it was the cutest thing lol They’re staying a bit more calm when I’m changing their food/water too.

I’m hoping for some cuddly/friendly chickens lol Any tips would be much appreciated, as always! All 11 of them are still doing great, and looking healthy. Can’t wait till they’re old enough to take them on “field trips” outside (if this heat would ever let up some – it’s been 98-100F already).

About Prairie Bluebell Eggers

For those of you that hadn’t heard of this breed either, I wanted to share a little bit of info found on them. This is info cited from the Tractor Supply website and another hatchery site.

This breed was created by crossing Araucanas and White Leghorns.

They lay a novel blue egg but produce higher quality eggs than a pure Araucana. Laying a large quantity of eggs, Prairie Bluebell Egger chickens are an active, easy-going bird that’s great at foraging and flying. The egg-laying chickens begin to produce at 5 months of age and do not tend to be broody.

  • Bird Purpose: Egg production
  • Female Prairie Bluebell Egger chickens lay approximately 280 eggs/year
  • Plumage color varies considerably among individual egg-laying chickens
  • Prairie Bluebell Egger chickens lay blue, medium-size eggs
  • Characteristics: Active, charismatic, easy-going, great foragers, hardy in all climates, great flyers, bears confinement well
  • Mature Weight: Male 5 lb. | Female 4 lb.

Another great source I’ve found is over at The Silver Homestead blog, who has raised this breed!

🐣 Are you currently raising poultry too? What’s your favorite breed so far? 🐓

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