First Leafy Harvest

Salad Time!

I finally harvested some of our Black Seeded Simpson Leaf Lettuce yesterday. It’s been a little overdue, but better late than never. It’s been a crazy, busy Spring to say the least!

We have Red Romaine Lettuce growing as well, but I’m trying to let them get slightly bigger so we can make wraps with them. The kales are coming along nicely, but I feel like they may have done better in cooler weather. It’s already gotten in the 90’s here, and extremely humid.

This is the first time we’ve had fresh leafy greens from the garden. Usually we buy the iceberg lettuce and baby spinach / kale from the store. Already it looks 10x better! I see taco salad bowls in the nearby future (yum!).

I harvested from 2 plants and got 2 bags worth (I think these are gallon bags?) of lettuce. Between taco salad bowls and toppings for sandwiches/burgers, I say we’re set for the week! We plan on sowing some more leafy greens soon – such as spinach, chard, butterhead lettuce, and some others.

Harvesting Leaf Lettuce

I read online that you can either cut the stem’s base a couple inches from the soil, or you could cut the base of each leaf. I went ahead and cut at the base of each leaf (now the plant looks naked lol). Once they grow back I definitely plan on harvesting them a little smaller for baby greens.

β˜€ What’s your favorite leafy green to grow? β˜€

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