Fall Garden Tour

Hello October!

It’s our favorite month of the year! We’ve had thunderstorms this week, so it’s been quite gloomy though. We were able to tidy up some things in the garden yesterday, during the few hours of overcast. I’ve been practicing my knitting skills in the mean time, waiting for the weather to clear up. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

Furthermore, we’ve been enjoying fresh baked bread & cinnamon rolls, and homemade chunky soups & chili to welcome the Fall season! There’s some things we didn’t get to at the end of last month, but will more than likely finish up this month instead. We’re adding a mini greenhouse and a couple of raised beds to the garden layout, so that’s postponed things.

We couldn’t decide at first whether we wanted to do a bunch of galvanized raised beds, or no-till raised rows. We’ve been watching a lot of Simple Living Alaska, and love their raised rows method! With that being said, we’ll be giving both a try – maybe 3-4 raised beds and the rest raised rows. After deciding on a layout, we’ll measure everything out and then finally get it fenced in.

The deer has returned to chilling in our front yard, along with rabbits who have been snagging some of our lettuce and kales. Note: Our feline model is our youngest cat, Calypso 🐈


I love finding mushrooms and seeing the different varieties there are! We love eating mushrooms from the store, but both are hesitant to forage wild ones. Our luck we’d misidentify them lol So, I just admire wild ones when they pop up instead.

There was a tennis ball sized, globe shaped one I found the other day, but accidently squished it before snapping a picture of it. Maybe one day we’ll be comfortable enough to forage some wild edible mushrooms.

Container Veggies

To start off – unfortunately the first batch of Cherry Belle Radishes we sowed last month didn’t form bulbs. It was just stems/leaves. I’m not exactly sure what happened, maybe not enough sunlight? We did have them in front of our porch for a while, and it seemed like the other things weren’t doing so hot either in that area.

But since moving the containers to the garden area, and re-sowing some things, the seedlings are doing much better. We have some more radishes in the garden beds, that we’re hoping will actually form bulbs like they’re suppose to. Our poor Brussel Sprouts have had a beating, between flea beetles and slugs.

We have one that’s doing pretty good, the second is struggling, and the other two are non-existent now. We’ll definitely get some insect netting & hoops next year to cover up the brassicas! Those flea beetles are some pesky buggers! We plan on doing a few things next year to keep the slug problem down too. They have destroyed our first round of spinach and kale, had to sow more.

DM Update

In the last post I had mentioned our Squash and Cucumbers were struggling with Downey Mildew, and that we sprayed them with a hydrogen peroxide/water mix. They seem to be doing a lot better thankfully! I pruned all the bad leaves that were effected and beginning to rot yesterday. Fingers crossed they’ll continue to do well!

One of the Butternut Squash has so much new growth that I had to use another tomato cage in the bed beside it to keep it off the ground! Cukes are making a comeback and are big enough to start trellising! We’ll more than likely set-up some wooden stakes and garden twine for them.

Tomatoes & Beans

Surprisingly the Tomatoes have grown like crazy lately. Still hoping we’ll get at least a tiny harvest from them. The majority of bean plants are officially forming pods!

The Royal Burgundy Beans have done the best out of all of them, from the start. We planted Golden Wax and Blue Lake Bush Beans, which have done okay.

Brassicas & Leafy Greens

So far it seems like the Cauliflower and Broccoli are doing alright. The rabbits nearby has snagged quite a few things though. Especially the Kale and Broccoli seedlings.

Once we get the mini greenhouse set-up though, we plan on sowing some more leafy greens. Even if we have to protect them throughout winter. The varieties we have are suppose to be pretty cold hardy anyways, so we’ll see.

The Calendula are growing nicely as well, can’t wait to see their beautiful blooms! I definitely want to add some floral touches around the yard come Spring time. If you have any recommendations let us know!

Root Veggies

I feel like out of all the vegetables growing – the roots are doing the best (for now at least) lol We have Garlic, Beets, Radish, Leeks, Bunching Onions, and Carrots in the bed. Hoping the Radishes form bulbs this time!

If you haven’t read our last post, the Garlic we used was just a $3 bag from Wal-Mart (not sure what variety). You can see it’s doing great though lol We definitely want to branch out to other varieties next year, if it’s not too expensive.

House Plant Update

I have successfully propagated my Croton Mammy plant! The leaves started rooting the other day. I honestly thought it wasn’t going to work (I’m just impatient *shrugs*), but luckily 3 out of 4 did. During the process, my original plant formed more leaves!

Hope everyone’s had a wonderful week, and has an even better weekend! What Fall activities are you doing this month?πŸŽƒ

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